Episode 9 - Ange Qualizza

Phil Gadd | Fernie in 5 | Ange Qualizza

This is a podcast where I explore why people choose to live in the “Coolest ski town in North America” Fernie, BC. In episode nine, I interview Fernie resident Ange Qualizza on why she lives in Fernie and also why she has decided to run for mayor in the upcoming City of Fernie’s Municipal Election.nie’s Municipal Election.

Podcast highlights
14:04 - What's the number one thing you would do on the first day in office if you were elected mayor?
15:17 - main goals for running for mayor
17:14 - If there's one thing you could say to the voters, what would it be?

For more information, including candidates’ contact details, visit
City of Fernie’s Municipal Election